zondag 23 september 2012

The Dutch Film Festival

Just a quick heads-up. Starting Monday I will be writing for the daily newspaper of the Dutch Film Festival (Nederlands Film Festival or NFF). For two weeks I will be living, breathing and sweating in an attic with a talented group of people interviewing actors, directors, writing articles and enjoying the wonderfulness of Utrecht being the centre of Dutch movies. This also means that I probably won't have time to write a blog. I will try to give an update in about a week about my wonderful experiences this year, but I might be too busy with work or simply taking the festival in myself and watching way too many movies ;-).

Because I could never just have a short blog, here's a little bit more info about the festival in case anyone is interested:

I have several movies I really want to see (actually, way too many). Just to name a few:
- Peter Greenway's Goltzius & the Pelican Company
- Aaron Douglas Johnston's  9/11 A Love Story
- The Ballet Masters
- Farmer Jack
- Facing Animals
- Hemel
- Boeren Burgers Buitenlui (this and the two previous ones are both on animal farming I believe)
- Crane Spotting
- Her Majesty
- Dark Blood
- Jackie 
- Deal
- The Hidden Man
- Deep Shit

And a couple of family movies:
- Cool Kids Don't Cry
- Fidgety Bram
- Kauwboy
- My Adventures by V. Schwrm
- Taking Chances

Movies I can already recommend:
- My Life on Planet B
- Matthew's Laws
- The Girl and Death
- Nono, the Zigzag Kid
- Short: Amstel
- ONS: Bowy is Inside

What I really like about it this year, is that the promo for the festival was made with the audience. They made the first live Twitter movie Under Control/Onder Controle and the promo/trailer for the festival is made from that event. It's in Dutch, but I think you can catch the drift ;-). Enjoy!

It's gonna be awesome!!!!

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