donderdag 12 april 2012


So, I've been crazy busy. Not just with looking for a job, but also spending time with my family during Easter. Now, I don't go to church like every Sunday, but with Easter I think it's important to go to the church. It's probably the busiest time of the year for me, church wise. And I share this with my mother and uncle. I love this time of the year because everything is so green. All the plants and trees come alive again and looks beautiful. Then there is also all the chocolate goodness, like chocolate eggs and stuff. We also bake a pie and have a fabulous dinner, so just because of the food it's lovely. I also spend time with my family which is very important to me. 

Then there's Jesus. This week (or so) is very meaningful to me, because I think it's important to look back at all he did and how he suffered and had doubts. I'm not very catholic, but when someone sacrificed himself for the good of the people I like to take a moment for it. This year I also realized that in this way (the sacrificing) Jesus isn't that much different from the heroes you find today in all the books, movies and/or tv shows. So I understand how some people see Jesus as their idol or hero (and why wouldn't they? - I mean, seriously, he must have been a great man and there is lots to learn from him). 

In the Netherlands/Holland we also have a second day of Easter. On this day my sister and her boyfriend took me and my boyfriend to an amusement park for my birthday, which is coming up. It's the best park in my opinion, we have been going there ever since we were little. It's called the Efteling, and it has all these fairytales and things like rollercoasters and stuff. We had a very rainy day, but my glass was half full people, because there were hardly any lines. So the longest we had to wait was like 20 minutes. All in all, I'd say it was a very succesful birthday outing :D !

During this period I also get this need to start reading the Bible, cover to cover. I haven't ever done it though. I've read pieces but never the whole thing. This leads to me sometimes having to ask my Mother what it is exactly what we are celebrating or remembring (or, yes, nowadays I look it up on Google). And I keep promising myself that one day I will read the Bible. That way I will know it all, and only then will I be able to really voice my oppinion on it because I will know the whole story.