dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Looking for a job...

I know, right? It stinks! Although, maybe not. At first. It depends on whether or not it's your own choice or you have to. There's a difference between looking for a job and looking for the right job. I'm not even graduated but I'm already looking, because friends of mine who graduated a half a year ago are still looking for a job that they actually studied for. And I have to say, after a while of writing letters and getting no (positive) responses it kinda starts to get to me...

 (BTVS 4x07 - as a student, messing up her notes)

As a kid you imagine what your life will be like when you grow up. You look forward to it and dream about that life that would be perfect for you. As you get older you learn that the way to get to that job is to get an education (more on this in a later blog). So you study for it and it gets especially interesting when you get to college, because this time you don't just get those classes like math or chemistry when you're not interested in them and wouldn't want to do anything with it. No... this time you choose your own path. You go to college to learn for a profession, you may or may not do an internship so you can finally learn the practice and you start to dream again. Soon that will be you, a fulltime job, not having to study for finals, but simply working. The income you make is yours and (if you have no student loans) you can spend it on holidays and such. It gets you excited to live in the 'real world'. But the closer you come to graduating, the more you start to write letters looking for a job. And than reality hits you in the face...

(BTVS 6x04 - 6x05 - 7x04, left to right, up: Buffy looking for a job in construction, working behind the register in the Magic Shop, working behind the counter of the Doublemeat Palace, bottom: Buffy asking for a loan, drinking her sorrows away and finally working at the high school helping teens)

Selling yourself
No, not literally! But in a way, yes. The thing with job interviews is that you have to talk highly of yourself. Like I mentioned in an earlier blog, I went to a career event. I visited workshops in which I learned that this is something that not all people - and I'm talking about me as well - aren't good at, but it's a must. Depending on your upbringing you're taught to be modest/humble and not selfish or braggy. This is exactly what you should do in an interview because the question being asked is 'Why does the company want YOU?' Answering for myself, I always think "I have no frickin' clue. Why on earth would they want me? I'm nothing special..." At this event we were forced to answer it, which made me think. I don't have to say or think that I'm the best. But I do have some qualities, I have knowledge of things and I'm good and stuff. Now I wouldn't say that it would make me better than other people, but it gave me in insight in the fact that I might actually have something to offer. And I still wouldn't go bragging about it, but it's damn good to know and I can still use it. Because those are the reasons why they should hire me. I'm an individual and in that I'm unique. Other people may have the same (or almost the same) education, but they are not me. So therein lies my strong point. 

(Charmed 6x04, Paige at her temp job packing fruit)

Paying the bills
But finding the right job for yourself is easier said than done. Especially in the shrinking economy. People get fired, more experienced people, and they are also looking for the jobs I'm looking for. So that makes it tuff. Considering that a lot of businesses are cutting back, they are also not hiring people. So where does this leave the young graduates, like me? Well, I"ll tell ya. Right where you are. You take the jobs you can, because any income is still better than NO income in my book. It pays the bills, gets food on your table and you may even have enough to enjoy life a little. I could go on whining, but that doesn't help me. It just gets it off my chest for a while, but I have to keep looking anyway. So I'm going to find a job that does exactly that. Whether it's a temp job or not, I have to do something (and currently it's delivering mail). I'm also one to keep my options open. I'm not being picky and I'm also looking/willing to take internships, because in that way I can get more experience, learn more, still get some pay and meet new people. But most importantly, I'll be doing what I love ;-).

Note one: I can imagine there are a lot of people (student or not) who are in the same boat. I hope (if they read this) that it helps them a little, gives some perspective or something. And I also wish them a lot of luck. Because everybody needs a job to get by.
Note two: Now, I know this isn't really related to BTVS, but a there are a lot of shows in which the unemployment, not being able to pay the bills or find a job gets attention. Because I'm a Buffy-fan I used these pics.(SPOILER!!!!) Buffy was a student but dropped out because her mother got a braintumor and died. Buffy then had to take care of her sister. When she went looking for a job, considering she's a Slayer and she didn't finish college, she couldn't find a great job (no offence!!!! - you know what I mean by this if you have seen the show). But I like to think that she ended up some place really nice, namely the high school as a counselor. In Charmed (the other picture) there are a lot of characters who are searching for their jobs/the right job/their meaning in life. In this picture above you see Paige working on one of her temp jobs - others were walking dogs, spending time with an old lady, helping out an columnist. So that's my silver lining to you. Sometimes you have to take on some crappy jobs to get to the good one ;-).

donderdag 16 februari 2012

Remember that feeling?

I thought it long gone
and wondered if I'd ever feel like that again
Afraid I might not recognise it when it appeared

So much time had passed
but then something changed,
everything changed

When everything is brighter
everything is more vivid
When you feel the sun shining even when it's not there

You can't fake it, or force it
It's genuine and complete
It makes you smile with just one thought

This longing
A happines that cannot be denied
It's the butterflies...

They came out of the blue
No warning, but they're there
And all you can do is cherish it.

(Found it online, I have no rights to this picture)

P.s. A little bit late, but Happy Valentine ;-)

maandag 13 februari 2012

Starting the next fase of my life...

I'm almost finished with my Masters. The problem is that the entire world is in a crisis situation and a lot of cutbacks have been made, especially in my field. I study Film- and Television studies and the cultural field has to find a way to work with way less money. So I thought it would be a good idea to pay a visit to the Careerevent and see what is out there. 

Two days of workshops and business stands
The Careerevent is being held twice a year. It provides workshops, you can let you resumé be checked and ask advice. There are also business stands who can tell you what kind of people they are looking for and you can ask them questions about their work. All in all you would think this is a very good thing. Unfortunately I did what people call a 'pleasure study' and there weren't many business stands for me (or people with my education). I did find two stands however that were able to give me a little bit more information, where I should look and what my options are. 
I already know that it would be hard for me to find a job in my field of study, so I considered doing an internship again. But this time not as a student. It would look good on my resumé, I could get more experience and still have a small paycheck (which is better than none), but the problem is that a lot of companies don't hire you if you are not a student. One of these stands told me otherwise and that I should definitely try to look for them. And when I do, I should let them know why I want that internship (motivations, drive and let enthusiasm speak for itself). So that was of some help. 

I mostly went for the workshops. Seeing how I'm very new in this, I thought it might help me prepare for what is out there. So I did/took (?) a workshop about speed reading. I'm a slow reader, so I wanted to start off with this one. It could never hurt right? And in just one hour we learned some pretty good techniques and I read almost twice as fast at the end of it. Very succesful! I also did workshops about how to make your career, which basically came down to following your heart. In my eyes it's for people who already have a job, but aren't happy there. Not really a luxery I can afford. The workshop after that was pretty much the same, only then in other words.
I took two other workshops: One about doing assessments (which happens more and more often apperently) and it was very useful. If I ever have to do one, I now know how to prepare for it. The second one was about leadership and four females. It was very helpful in painting a picture about what kind of person you are and what qualities you have. I learned about the weaknesses that go with it and they gave advice about how to deal with them.

(source:  http://www.art2advance.nl/vrouw-en-werk/bedrijfspresentaties/ )
Translation: "woman and work - what four women can teach you"

The event lasted two days and I intended to go the second day as well. But the weather was very bad (snow, wind, slippery) and some things got cancelled, so I decided not to go. I missed out on one workshop which is about personal branding with social media and how you set yourself apart in this day and age. Luckily there are also a lot of tips online that can help me with that. :-). Save to say that I learned a lot and now it is time for the hard work: finding a job, while also staying true to myself by doing something that I want to do. Let's hope it works!

Blogs I intent to do later this month: About the right education, my 'art' and looking for jobs.

zondag 5 februari 2012

A Father’s Heart

Your first words and his face changes
The corners of his mouth change into a smile
His eyes start to sparkle
His heart warms and so does yours

Your first steps and he holds out his hands
Urging you to take another
Proud, but cautious
Strong, so you don’t get hurt

The first time you fall
His strong arms pick you up and you know you will be all right
He will keep you safe
And he will protect you

The first time you cry
He kisses your cheeks and holds you close
Someone you can count on
Someone who will always be there

You hear it in his voice
You see it in his face
The way that he talks
The love that he shares
Every time you’re with him

Time may pass, but it never goes away
You will always know it
And always will remember
Because you are in his heart
And he will forever be in yours

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Why I love wednesdays

So, I'm just feeling very happy right now thinking 'I love Wednesdays'. So much, in fact, that I wanted to share it. Now that doesn't really make any sense but here it is :P. LOL. The reason why I love it has two reasons, namely: Glee and Ringer.

Glee is a musical/comedy/drama kind of a series. I started watching it a while ago (but a little after the first episode aired), because I LOVE musicals! And I fell in love with the concept of a show that would have musical numbers in it. Seriously, why did we have to wait so long for this? There are many shows that have a musical episode, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayers 'Once More with Feeling' or Grey's Anatomy's ep. Anyway, I fell in love with the show. Partly because of the amazing songs, but also because it's a series about the underdog. We didn't really have those groups in high school, but I've always felt different so I could relate. I also loved the cast. There was a gay character, played by the amazing Chris Colfer. And there were the popular girls, the jocks, many ethnicities, a 'bigger' girl and a guy in a wheel chair. So you pretty much had it all. A lot of the eps are funny too, though I can't say that I love the storylines that much. I do like the characters, but not all the time, because they go back and forth a lot. So in short: I love the show, but I don't love it entirely. The shows airs on Tuesday in America, but unfortunately I don't live there. So I have to wait and I watch it  the day after. And that is why I love Wednesdays. Today I watched the episode 'Michael' and it truly was amazing! After watching an episode of Glee I (pretty much always) feel very happy.

Number two is Ringer. It's a show that is way to complicated to explain, but I absolutely love it. It's very soapy, but very exiting, and I just can't get enough of it. There is so much going on and it has a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of cliffhangers. Not to mention the storylines, which are sometimes a little bit hard to follow. The show also airs on Tuesdays, but the last episode was in december. So I had forgotten a lot. And watching it again, after such a long time... I truly want it to be on air every week! Actually, that might be every day. ;-) Though it might get to complicated then. The show stars Sarah Michelle Gellar in a double (or maybe triple) role as twin sisters. And she does it so well. She truly is the most wonderful actress I have ever seen. I fell in love with her as Buffy Summers and it so good to have her back on tv again. With every movie I see she amazes me, but this show really steps it up. There is so much intrigue and the way she plays Bridget so differently than Siobhan... It gets me every time. Well, anyway... Every episode has me going 'Oh my God....!' a couple of times and I don't have it that much. I also wonder what on earth they (the writers) are going to do the next time. I can't wrap my head around it. But I know that I'm very exited about it and, right now, I really do wish that Ringer will have many seasons to go.