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Here it finally is! The unofficial English translation of my interview with Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa from Defiance), which I had the priviledge of doing during the Imagine Film Festival. The Dutch version can be find either at the Imagine website or a slightly longer version on


A couple years ago you could spot her in the Dutch movie Crusade in Jeans and last year she scored one of the leads in the SyFy show Defiance: Stephanie Leonidas. On friday March 11th season one premiered at the Imagine Film Festival for which she had flown over. I quized the beautiful Irathian about her alien character and talents. 
With titels on your resume such as Dracula, Atlantis and MirrorMask - winner of the Jury Award in 2006 at Imagine - it looks as though you're into fantasy. 
“Did MirrorMask win an Award here? They never told me! That's great. It's true, I like movies with strange beings and a dark vibe. I grew up with The Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal and E.T. Those are my favorite movies. I always stared at the tv thinking 'I want to be there'. I never expected it would actually happen."

And now you're playing the alien Irisa on Defiance. What kind of research do you do for such an extraordinary character? 
“Irisa may be Irathian, but she has a human heart. She's a young girl trying to find herself above anything else. The new element, for me,  was in her talent to handle knives. A lot of training hours went into that. I got this gigantic piece of paper with a human shape drawn on it and was told to aim tennisballs on that. Slowly I was allowed to go from tennis balls to knives. And those became sharper and more dangerous. When I train as myself, as Stephanie, everyone is always scared for me. But the funny thing is that as soon as I'm in the skin of my character Irisa, they're confident enough to let me do anything with those knives. While I'm really the same person!"
You're still you, but unrecognizable. Do you ever get recognized on the street? 
“Not as Irisa, haha. Sometimes at conventions people will be shocked to find out that I'm the girl behind the make up. The fun thing is that fans will show up dressed as Irisa at these cons. It's very surreel and flattering. Sometimes they look so convicing I'm actually worried for my job (laughs). And instead of the 2,5 hours that I have to sit in make up every day, it only costs them like twenty minutes! So I think we're doing something wrong, haha." 

Firefly has Browncoats, Star Trek Trekkers… how are the fanatic fans of Defiance called?
“I have no idea! But if we don't have a name yet, I'll come up with one! has to be something that's connected to Irathians though. Even if it's just to have myself represented by the title, as there are so many alien species in Defiance." [After thinking about this for some time, she still couldn't come up with a great name, so during the Q&A a day later I asked again]. "It's you again! You're cheeky... I discussed it yesterday with others and we came up with 'Defi-ers', but that was actually rubbish. So probably something like 'The D's'."

What are good and bad qualities of Irisa?
“As Irisa I feel like I can handle everything. When I'm in her skin I can suddenly clime a fence. While I can't even clime a rope as Stephanie! There's a certain power that comes out and that's great to do and experience. Other than that she's not much of a talker. She only speaks when she feels that it's needed and when she can bring something to the table. If that's not the case, she'll stick to the background. And yes, she's an alien, so she can be dangerous. You can see that in her relationship with Nolan, played by Grant Bowler. He knows how dangerous she can be and it may create some tension in their father-daughter relationship." 

The story takes place in the future. What if you'd be around in 2046? 

"Wow… I'd hide behind Irisa I think! I'd be one of the screaming people asking her for help. Or I'd use my look from the show and walk around like that. That way no-one would try anything."


In Defiance St. Louis looks drastically different because it's been terraformed. What do you think Amsterdam would look like in 2046? 
“Terraforming is a mix of the earth and a different planet, so colourful alien plants would grow out of Amsterdam buildings. And since you guys bike a lot...they would have a jet-engine in 2046 which makes it a hover-bike. With bike paths in the air/sky. Wouldn't that look cool? And you'd have aliens with Dutch accents, which I'd really like to hear. This might actually be a good idea for season three.”

Speaking about accents and languages: You had to learn an entirely new language for Defiance
“Irathian is now my second language, haha. David Peterson, who also works on Game of Thrones, has created five languages for the show. One for each culture. It was quite hard to learn such a new language, but it makes my character complete. The funny thing is that we keep talking in those languages during lunch break, like we have a secret language or something. My favorite word? That would be 'tashinka', which means 'little girl'. It what's Irisa is called. But the curse word 'shtako' is the first word we all knew or remembered. I even use it outside of the show, like when I'm with my parents. It's a safe curse word, because no-one understands it or knows what it means.”
It's an American tv show, though you wouldn't say that looking at the cast. 
“Haha, that's true. Julie [Benz] prizes herself that she's the only American. Other than that Grant is from New-Zealand, but a large part of the cast is British, Scottish or Canadian. Which matches Defiance when you think about it. In this show several cultures are living together and the cast mirrors that. I even had to learn an American accent for Irisa. I tried a Cogney-accent, but that didn't work at all!” 

Season two starts on June 19th in the U.S. Does this mean you're enjoying a nice vacation now? 
“We finished shooting in december. That took about six months and after that I did have a holiday. But we just started promoting season two, so that's what I'm currently doing. What can you expect from season two? The new season will be darker. Not just the whole vibe of the show, but Irisa herself as well. In the first season she was a little bit sweeter and sometimes I kinda want that Irisa back (laughs). We're also going to see more of the landscape outside of Defiance. So you'll get to see other surroundings.”
You can watch Defiance starting wednesday April 30th at 21:00h on Syfy in the Netherlands. New episodes from season two will start airing in America on June 19th 2014. 

donderdag 4 september 2014

Could have... Would have... Should have...

You could've lived such a full live
Gone on adventures
Seen the world
and tried out new things

I should have known
Sensed what was going on
There were all these signs
But I didn't listen

You would have gratuated
Studied amazing things
Might have gone to a concert of Linkin Park
and grown into a wonderful person

I would have gone to you before
been there in time
to say goodbye
and play one last game of chess

You should have survived
had romantic relationships
made your mark on this world
and shared your brilliance with more people

I could have done something
made it memorable
let you know that you were loved
and made a difference

If I could have done something
I would have
Just like I should have

You should have lived
because your life would have been wonderful
it could have been great

Could have...
Would have ...
Should have ...


For Tom

In loving memory

20 Mar 1989 -
04 Sep 2004

Ten years ago today

Ten years ago today
your lifelight was taken away
After a long sickbed
and a summer that flew by

Ten years ago today
Only a day later I received a phone call
It left me devestated
crushed with grief
and filled with disbelief

Ten years ago today
I was crying on the phone
coping with death
coping with letting you go
confronted with your loss
that I lost it all

Ten years ago today
I saw the cruelty of the world
that took you away

I learned to say goodbye
Crying myself to sleep at night

Ten years ago today
and there's not a day that goes by
that your life won't be remembered
Because you might have had to go
but you will never be forgotten
and will forever be in my heart

For Tom

In loving memory
Rest in peace

20 Mar 1989 -
04 Sep 2004

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

Embrace the meta-ness part 3: Books and comics

As I've posted before, I'm a big fan of the tv show Castle. I've already reviewed the previous books by Richard Castle (see here), but recently I've also read his latest book 'Deadly Heat' (given to me by a friend, also named Richard) as well as one of his graphic novels (only to find out that it's the second volume instead of the first). Anyway, I thought it was time to review these as well. So here's another update in the Castle column ;-)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SPOILERS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Deadly Heat 
Deadly Heat is the fifth novel by Richard Castle about NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat and journalist Jameson Rook and was released on September 17th, 2013. Picking up where Frozen Heat left off, top NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat pursues the elusive former CIA station chief who ordered the execution of her mother over a decade ago. For the hunt, Nikki teams once again with her romantic partner, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Jameson Rook, on their quest for the old spy and the motive behind the past murder unearths an alarming terror plot-which is anything but ancient history. It is lethal. It is now. And it has already entered its countdown phase. Complicating Heat's mission to bring the rogue spy to justice and thwart the looming terror event, a serial killer begins menacing the Twentieth Precinct and her homicide squad is under pressure to stop him, and soon. The frightening murderer, known for his chilling stealth, not only has singled out Nikki as the exclusive recipient of his taunting messages, he then boldly names his next victim: Detective Heat.

While I haven't done this with the previous books in this series, I'll give a short review about it, seeing how it is the final book mentioned in the series.*
If you watch the show, you might think you already know what's coming. But this book really kicks it up a notch. While there are certain similarities, it just counts as inspiration. This book dove deeper and deeper into the case of Heat's mother and it will have you in it's grasp as soon as the ball gets rolling. This, however, takes some time... Luckily only for a couple of chapters. As it turns out, the answer to her mothers murder has been right in front of her nose - just like on the tv show - all this time. Next to a captivating story, you also get to enjoy characters that you've know throughout the entire (book) series as well as get introduced to some new ones. While the references to the tv show are a little bit more subtle, there still plenty enough to enjoy. All in all this book was a good read and a fitting closure to the series.

You can find chapter one online!

* Just recently I found out that there's gonna be a new Nikki Heat novel, Raging Heat, about to be released on September 16th, 2014.

Here are some of the references I (think I) found:

- Page 67/8: Rook says "There's an app for that?" to later be answered by Raley "There is an app for that" This is a reference to the episode 2x17 'Tick, Tick, Tick' where Becket's team works with the FBI. Agent Jordon Shaw sends a copy of a fingerprint to her lab by app to which Castle says "Wow, there's an app for that?" and Jordan replies "That's why I joined the FBI, Mr. Castle. For the toys."
- Page 68: On this page there's both a reference to Darth Vader and the quote "Check the Adam's apples" which I'm sure was said by Castle and Espo, but unfortunately I wasn't able to trace back in which eps it was... So I might be mistaken here.
- Page 114: Rook finds Keith Tahoma playing chess in the park, very much like Beckett and Castle in 4x15 'Pandora' when they went looking for Dr. Blakely who was also a wiz with breaking codes.
- Page 115: While this isn't a direct reference, the Puzzle man says he met Rook at a Star Trek convention, which could jog your memory about the episode where Beckett and Castle are investigating a case that happened on a convention/comic con (5x06 - The Final Frontier)
- Page 133: Rook pulls out a bulletproof vest reading 'Journalist' much like the vest Castle pulls out in ep 1x06 (Always Buy Retail) which reads 'Writer'
- Page 153/4: Heat is investigating Dr. Nikoladze who has a dog business, which could gently relate to episode An Embarrassment of Bitches (4x13) where Castle and Beckett are investigating a death at a dog show.
- Page 154: Rook's talking about meeting with movie execs from Castle Rock about optioning 'the Heat pieces for film', which is also referenced to in the series in eps 2x17 (Tick, Tick, Tick - he strikes a deal), 2x20 (The Late Shaft - a girl is up for the part of Heat), 3x11 (Nikki Heat - where Natalie Rhodes shadows Beckett to get a feel for the character of Heat) & 3x22 (To Love and Die in L.A. - where Beckett and Castle pay a visit to the movie set).
- Page 146: During the movie talk someone says "Nathan would be perfect casting, if he's available" which of course is a reference to Nathan Fillion, who plays Richard Castle.
- Page 171: After the bioterror plot is revealed Rook gets told "Not a word about this" which is the same thing Adrian Pasdar/Mark Fallon tells him about a likewise terror in the two-parter Setup and Countdown (3x16 & 3x17)
- Page 171: Heat gets the compliment "You're beautiful like a model. Or Bond Girl." which is a reference to Stana Katic's role in Quantum of Solace.
- Page 191: Just like in ep 3x16 and 3x17 Rook manages to get his mother out of the city. Only in the book he doesn't have a daughter as well.
- Page 272: They are talking about the ripple effects of the bioterror, which relates to episodes 4x15 & 4x16 (Pandora and Linchpin) where someone like the Puzzle Man would calculate those risks.
- Page 272: Rook holds a gas mask over his face and breathed loudly saying "Luke, I am your fa--" As with one of the first references I mentioned here about Darth Vader, I wasn't able to find the ep in which it was used, but I do recall something like it being on the show.

- Other people working the case are Agents Yardley Bell (who's a strong reminder of Agent Sophia Turner, played by Jennifer Beals) and Bart Callan from the CIA. (page 106)
- Salena Kaye shows up, who's based on Serena from 4x05 - Eye of the Beholder
- The bioterror plot relates to the episodes 3x16 and 3x16, while
- 4x15 & 4x16 relate to the CIA storyline and a possible mole
- There are several 'references' to Castle as a show and/or character, just by using it as a name. For instance Castle Rock, but also Castle in the park on page 274.

In the acknowledgement Castle once again thanks the creators and actors of the show, as well as his poker buddies.

On the show
As with the previous book, there's not much mention of the books on the show. Except for the picture taken above where Castle discusses what the cover should look like (5x24 - Watershed (I believe)).
In 5x03, Secret's Safe With Me, Beckett also makes a promise to someone that Castle will name a character after that person's mother in his next book... Even though this would have been his next book, I couldn't find the name 'Eunice' unfortunately - which was the mother's name.

Storm Season
Derrick storm is a private detective
and is hired to look into the case of a missing girl - but what should have been a routine mission quickly spirals out of control when Storm overhears the woman's terrifying scream on a wire. Plagued by the victim's helpless cry, Storm - despite an ominous warning - investigates. Soon, he'll discover an international conspiracy reaching further than he ever imagined - and perhaps the truth about Clara Strike, a CIA agent the world thinks is dead...
Richard Castle's Storm Season is the sequel to the critically acclaimed, best-selling graphic novel Richard Castle's Deadly Storm. This "adaptation" of Derrick Storm's second novel probably continues the storyline. Even though I missed the first one, I imagine that's the graphic novel in which Clara Strike has an accident.
As I'm pretty new/green in the graphic novel/comic world, I unfortunately can't really review it on those aspects. While I grew up with comic books such as Kuifje (probably better known as TinTin), Asterix and Obelix, Suske and Wiske and lately have been reading all the Buffy comics I can find, I don't feel I know much about the graphic novels from abroad. That being said: 'Richard Castle's Storm Season reunites the lauded writing duo of Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick (Richard Castle's Deadly Storm) for their second Castle story, and the dynamic artwork of rising star Emanuela Lupacchino (X-Factor) brings the world of Derrick Storm to life like never before.' I really like the artwork: It screams action and has a somewhat darker feel. As a lot of the scenes take place in shady places, this works perfectly. It also fits with (what I know of) the Private Eye sector. All in all the story is very fast paced and easy to follow. You will find many strong female characters and they are all funny in their own way. To top it off, Storm works with his father which is a nice change of pace from the Castle/Heat series. The only negative thing I can say about Storm Season is that it's simply to short.

Though I couldn't really find direct references to the show in the storyline - which would be logical - there is the fact that Castle mentions in episodes
4x15 & 4x16 that he got in contact with CIA Agent Sophia Turner for inspiration for his Derrick Storm novels. This character plays a big role in the comic as well. 
Other than that the first comic is referenced in 3x24 (Knockout), where Castle shows advanced art for A Deadly Storm, and in 4x02 (Heroes and Villains) you can see the first stand with Richard Castle's Deadly Storm graphic novels. You can also find issues of this particular graphic novel (Storm Season that is) in episode 5x06 (The Final Frontier) during Becketts and Castle's visit to a sci-fi convention (SuperNova Con), where Castle is signing copies.

You can read the graphic novel yourself here
That's about it, I hope you enjoyed more of the meta of Castle ;-)

donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Magical and mesmerizing

Beautiful and mesmerizing
those twinkling lights
high up in the sky
bringing light into the darkness
and warmth into the night

I stare at them
am filled with wonder and gratitude
to see such wonder
never before have there been so many
so magical and so full

In a choir of crickets
and the beating drum of the ocean
waves hitting the shore
soft and gentle
strong and clear

Appreciating the moment
taking it in
still and serene
mesmerizing and magical
my heart warms and expands
and I am in awe
with so much beauty in the world

dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Oh Captain My Captain, RIP Robin Williams

Last night I heard the news that the great comic Robin Williams has passed away. Presumably suicide... The man that could make everyone laugh. After Philip Seymour Hoffman (who acted alongside Robin in Patch Adams) we have to say goodbye to another one of the greats. How big this loss is, shows out of the endless stream of tweets, as wells as in President Obama message:

The tweet was the short version, so I used the entire statement here

I think these words speak to everyone. Because is there anyone who didn't grow up with Robin?

His television years
Robin Williams made his debut in the TV show Mork & Mindy about thirty years ago. A show I unfortunately have never seen. A blooper reel of the show appeared on my facebook page and just from that you can see why Robin (and the show) was so loved. This past year he made his comeback to the 'small' screen with The Crazy Ones  and we could enjoy his humor and tricks weekly (like the scene where he dressed up as Priscilla, Queen of the Desert). Remarkably he played a character, Simon Robberts, who also had a battle with alcohol addiction behind him. A few years ago Robin talked about his problems. In the beginning of the eighties he even used cocaine, but after his friend John Belushi died, he quit cold turkey. It is said that he had a relapse in 2006, but there's not much info to be found about this period in his life. Which emphasises that he shouldn't be remembered for this addiction, but all the more for all the pleasure and laughs he shared through the years. 

The friend of your youth
The first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre was Aladdin. Of course it was the Dutch version, and it wasn't until many years later that I found out Robin voiced the role of Genie. I think everyone will remember both the song ‘Friend Like Me’ and the moment where Genie finally gets his freedom. It's this moment that lives on social media. But I think the first movie I ever really 'saw' Robin in, was Mrs. Doubtfire. All I needed to see was Robin doing those voices and I was impressed by his talents. After that many more adventures followed: Like those of the board game in Jumanji, enjoying his green invention in Flubber, flying through the wonderful world of Neverland in Hook and the beautiful drama where he played Jack who had a condition and was a boy in a grown ups body (not to forget that he had a crush on his teacher, played by Jennifer Lopez). I grew up with all of these movies and Robin has brought many a smile to a lot of kids with it. 

Mrs. Doubtfire, voices
With heart and soul
He wasn't always the comic. In movies like Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams and Dead Poets Society he showed another side of him. Where he received his first Oscar nomination with Good Morning Vietnam, he landed it with his role in Good Will Hunting. Even though he began his speech by saying he was speechless, he ended with - you couldn't expect anything else - a lovely comical quote by his dad. It didn't matter what role Robin played, he always put his heart and soul into it. He could touch a classroom to give him a heartfelt goodbye with ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’. It's one of those moments you'll always remember. Robin Williams is one of those special people that kan make you both laugh and cry. When you stop and think about his death, it'll choke you up, even while watching his (funny) movies. It can't be said in any other way than that the world will miss him and his wonderful sense of humor.
Robin's acceptance speech for Good Will Hunting

When something like this happens, it's ‘gone but not forgotten’. His entire oeuvre is an enrichment for everyone who's been in contact with it. From funny kids movies like Mrs. Doubtfire to beautiful drama’s such as Dead Poets Society: Robin could do it all and did it all. Just like with Philip Seymour Hoffman he didn't sit still either. There are still some movies that are planned to come out: Soon we'll be able to enjoy his wonderful characters once more in Night at the Museum 3 and Merry Friggen’ Christmas. Until then I'll remember him by watching the pearls from his career, just like many others like me I think. Rest in peace Robin Williams, you are free.

As I said, social media is filled with memories of Robin. From quotes, short vids, interviews, GIFS and touching pictures. Here's a couple of responses from twitter (mostly by actors who worked with him). There are also some vids, both funny and touching:

 The last picture he shared on twitter/Instagram for his daughters birthday
 (Scott Weinger played Aladdin)

 (Bill Cosby played alongside him in Jack)
 (Ben Stiller is his co-star in the Night of the Museum trilogy)
 (His daughter)
 (Robin Williams and Billy Crystel both appeared in one episode of Friends)

 (Forest Whitaker played his Butler)

 (Julianne Moore had Williams as her doctor in Nine Months)
 (Mara Wilson played on of his daughters in Mrs. Doubtfire)
 (Minnie Driver played Matt's love interest in Good Will Hunting)
 (Ricky Gervais also stars in Night at the Museum)
 (Samantha Mathis played Christa in FernGully)

A tribute about his work
Aladdin – Friend Like Me

Oh Captain, My Captain – beautiful compilation from Dead Poets Society
Some of his best quotes

zondag 13 juli 2014

Imagine that...

So it has been a while... But last April the EYE Film Institute was the hub of Imagine Film Festival again. It celebrated it's 30th year and I got to volunteer again! Ten days filled with movies, masterclasses, symposia, even a Geek-Q Test to find out who the biggest geeks in the Netherlands are. I needed the entire Easter weekend to get my energy back. And as it turned out a whole lot more time to finally write about everything that happened. Enjoy my experience of this year on one of the most awesome Film Festivals of Holland!

From fairytales to postapocalyptic worlds
The opening of the festival was awesome: Belle et la Bete (or Beauty and the Beast in English) made for a fantastic fairytale opening of the film festival. With a speech by the various department heads the festival could finally begin. Only one day later at noon I already had my first interview with none other than Stephanie Leonidas, Irisa, from the SyFy show Defiance. Therefore watching movies had to wait a little while for me. It took some time to write the interview - which was amazing! - but after a start like that, it couldn't go wrong for me :-). The premiere of Defiance (in the Netherlands) was on Friday. After a workshop about what fantastical movies really are and how to write a movie review, we got to visit the premiere with the entire class. Not only did we get to watch the first ep on the big screen, but Stephanie was also there for a Q&A. During my interview, the previous day, I asked her the question what fans of the show or Irisa would be called. But she didn't have an answer and asked me to ask again during the premiere. So I did... and I was happy to find out that she still remembered me. Or in her words "Oh, it's you! You're a cheeky one!" But I did get the answer to my question, which I'll share with you when I finally write out an unofficial English version of my interview. Other than the Q&A there was also a green screen, where you could take a picture of yourself in the postapocalyptic San Francisco! 
A short break
During the weekend I had to have an Imagine-less day. While on Saturday the festival goers could enjoy a day of CJP Serves, which is a schedule/program where some of the best movies of the festival have been picked out, I stayed in Utrecht for a day. We happened to have a member meeting of my political party (PINK! - the youth party for the animals). Afterwards I went to Brabant in the south for a party. But missing this day of awesome movies, I was determined to catch up on all the things I missed out on.
Die-hard movie watching
To my surprise I was able to watch quite a few movies. After the festival ended I counted my tickets (yes, I'm one of those persons who saves them) and I've seen about 28 movies!!! I did have to combine this with tweeting for the festival, as I was the one official person for the job. Which I still consider to be a great honor. This meant that in between movies I would send out a tweet, while walking from one room to the other. I even had a day that went like: Movie, tweeting, movie, tweeting, attending a masterclass while live tweeting about it, writing an article about the masterclass for the website, have a quick bite to eat and... watching another movie. If every festival day could have been like that, I would be a very happy person :D. Although I have to admit... It was a VERY busy day.  
Fanstastic Science
As the ‘official’ tweeter of the festival I got all sorts of questions from our visitors, but the most important thing I had to do was attending all the extra activities. As I mentioned before, I got to attend the masterclasses, but Imagine also organised symposia, readings, even a Geek-Q Quiz. My job was to give a live report of these programs for all of those who couldn't attend themselves or for those interested who simply followed us on Twitter. As the theme of the year was Fantastic Science, this was all very interesting. The best part of this was when followers started to respond or interact from home, which was a lot of fun. As Twittter is a 24/7 service it kept me busy all day and I got to see the best pictures, opinions and enthusiastic stories.
The closing ceremony
But unfortunately everything comes to an end. Due to the Easter weekend I couldn't go to the festival on the final day (which was a Best of Program). Luckily I did end up joining for the closing ceremony. Here all the awards were given out and we closed off with an hilarioius horror movie. Afterwards I went from the futuristic building at the IJ back to Brabant. Even if I didn't get to watch all the Best Of movies, I think I did manage to watch about 50% of them during the festival itself. 
I could be much more extensive about all of the activities or review all of the 28 movies I've seen, long and/or short, but that would make for one very, very long blog. Maybe that I'll write a future blog about some of them, but seeing how I apparently aren't the best time manager at the moment, I don't think it'll be soon. Even though I personally think the supply of movies was less this year, it has been one fan-tas-tic festival and I hope to be a part of it again next year :-)

For my Dutch version, please check

(Stephanie Leonidas Q&A)
For who's interested, my overview of Imagine movies I've seen:
- Coherence (must-see! - with Nicky Brendon)
- Witching & Bitching (must see!)
- I Am A Ghost (Must see)
- Jodorowsky’s Dune (MUST SEE!)
- Patema Inverted (must see)
- Belle en het Beest/ Beauty and the Best
- The Wind Rises
- Young Detective Dee 3D
- The Creep Behind the Camera
- Asphalt Watches
- Defiance (double episode/premiere)
- Wu Xia
- Fantastic Science Shorts
- European Fanstastic Shorts (1 or 2)
- Worldwide Fantastic Shorts (1 or 2)
- Enemy
- The Garden of Words
- Ikarie XB1
- L’étrange couleur
– Zero Charisma
- Ragnarok
- Cosmos (premiere episode by National Geographic)
- Willow Creek
- De Poel (it's a Dutch movie)
- Oculus
- Sneak: Aux yeux des vivants
- The Machine
- Dune (even if I only watched half of it)

- Masterclass Labcoats in Hollywood
- Masterclass Filmtrailers
- Masterclass: The Science of Hollywood
- Symposium: Van HAL tot GERTY/ From HAL to GERTY
- De Grote Geek-Q Test/The Great Geek-Q Test

Films that are still on my list, but I unfortunately had to miss out on:
- The Zero Theorem
- Escape From tomorrow
- Filth
- +1