maandag 24 februari 2014

Let's get Crazy! - Review

I don't do it very often, but sometimes I review a television show. My love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been pretty obvious, as my love for Castle. I also once blogged about Pretty Little Liars (which unfortunately has lost my interest) and of course my love for tv shows can be found in the category 'The Awesomeness of quotes'. This year I can add a new show to my list: The Crazy Ones. With main actors: Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's time to take closer look at just how crazy this show really is.

What's it about?
Simon Roberts (Robin Williams) is an executive at the advertising agency Lewis, Roberts & Roberts in Chicago. His partner at the agency is none other than his daughter and protégée Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar). Together with the rest of their creative team, the handsome Zachery (James Wolk), the nerdy Andrew (Hamish Linklater) and the adorable assistant Lauren (Amanda Setton), they try to land or keep big brand names to do advertising for. With a new assignment every episode, the show also focuses on the personal lives of the team. The father-daughter bonding and history, the romantic relationships and bromances between all of them.

The funny
When you talk about funny, of course you begin with Robin Williams: The man who can do it all. From impersonations to funny voices and making jokes like there's no tomorrow. You can tell they are barely keeping it together on the set when you watch the bloopers which are shown at the ending of every ep. They've got the craziest things happening with little ducks, killer coffee and so much more. Luckily he's not the only one that's funny. Amanda Setton (before seen on Gossip Girl) blossoms to life in this show. She's an assistent with an interesting background and the weirdest comments and visions. But honestly, everyone has their funny moments on this show.

The cute
All the stars are cute as a button, but what I mean with this is their accounts. Like I said, one time they had little ducks on the show. They were the cutest things ever! Every episode it's interesting to see what this show comes up with. When every ep centers on a client it's probably not that easy to keep it funny every time. While I certainly have my favorites, it's nice to see that the team always goes all out. Whether that means baby sitting a cat, dressing up as Queen of the Dessert or getting into video games/spa products. Another cute factor is the bonding they feel. As with most shows on television right now, there should be some kind of substitute family. While Simon and Sydney are actually related, it's clear that their relationship isn't perfect. Even though you don't really know much about the past of Adrew and Zack, it's clear that they would do anything for Simon's approval. Very much in the way they would for a dad. These underlying connections make the team a great combination.

The handsome
Aside from the fact that the main characters are handsome and gorgeous, they also have the greatest guest stars. They got it right the first time, when Kelly Clarkson showed up in their first ep. Josh Groban plays a lovely role, as well as Fred Melamed and Saffron Burrows and there's the always charming Michael Landes (*sigh*). Or how about Ashley Tisdale who played an hilarious role of a spoiled rich kid? I'll bet there will be many more to come. The man you'll always love to see is Brad Garrett, who plays their business partner. And lets be honest here: One of the things we love about television shows is when we see familiar faces.

The Buffy factor
There's also another reason why I love the show: It's the references. They might be intended or they may not be (okay... most of them are far fetched). But as long as I get to enjoy them (as well as many other fans I guess), who cares if they were intended or not? Here are some Buffy/Whedonverse related references or winks:

In the first ep, Sydney punches a robot (though unlike the Slayer, she hurts her hand). If that doesn't make you think about her history with violence, I don't know what will ;-)
Second ep: Sydney calls herself a Killer monster... in Buffy she's also referred to as a monster and/or killer sometimes because she's got a little demon power in her.
Third ep: The best one is in the bloopers. Where she jumps over a car and Robin Williams asks her Where did you learn that? Like it's nothing, Sarah says 'Sunnydale'. Though it's not exactly a wink, to Buffy fans it's also known that Buffy wasn't a good driver.

Fourth: Sydney/Sarah draws a perfect circle like it's nothing. On twitter Sarah said: "Pen or stake, I'm lethal" <3
Fifth: Though this may be a far stretch, Helen is played by Saffron Burrows, who also played in Whedon's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Sixth: At a certain moment Sydney asks "Do you even like David Boreanaz?" who of course played Angel (Buffy's love interest). Another fun fact is that Michael Landes shows up in this episode, with whom Sarah already played in Possession.

Seventh: None (that I could tell)
Not sure there are any refrences in this one, but Sydney does make out with an 80-year old man. After which she's grossed out and it does bring back memories of Buffy making out with the couple hundred year old vamps Angel and Spike.
Nineth: In this ep Sydney gives an inspirational speech, which were very common on Buffy
Tenth: Sydney is talking about how she hasn't earned the respect of the models yet 'just like high school with the cheerleaders'. Of course that brings back memories about Buffy and her high school years.
Eleventh: It's a far stretch again, but Sydney ends up playing beer pong and gets drunk. That may remind some fans of the Beer Bad episode of Buffy.
Twelveth: Sydney plays a computer game and gets addictive about it... As it's a killing game, it brings some of her inner Slayer out ;-)

In short: The Crazy Ones is an amazingly funny new sitcom that you don't wanna miss. They've got nice, surprising storylines and great guest characters. Not to mention the main cast, who are always charming and sweet. As for Sarah's fans: You can find all the references you want and it might be a good idea to follow her on twitter as well. She still makes some remarks and surprises fans with the best tweets.

donderdag 13 februari 2014

The end of the world

The earth is shaking
and the ground crumbles away
nothing to stand on 
nothing to keep you straight

Then the sky starts rumbling
and a darkness falls
there's nothing left to see
and nothing around you

A fire is burning
and it soon starts spreading
the flames go higher and higher
and you feel trapped

The ocean's getting wild and unruly
waves are getting stronger and higher
Not a sound to be made
not a breath to be taken
The water is overtaking you
and there's nothing you can do
It's armageddon
the end of the world
No more land to stand on
No more sky or daylight to look out to

With nothing left to hope for
and without anything to hold on to
all faith is lost
And the best thing to do?
To let it all go