zondag 29 juli 2012


I've been very busy with work and roommates and other fun stuff, that's why I didn't really have time to work on a new blog. So, no extensive new blog today, but I did add a little something to the Awesomeness of quotes page of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or check the list on the right). Namely some quotes but also a couple of vids with funny moments.  But I do have some nice plans. In the upcoming weeks I will review a couple of movies again, like 21 Jump Street. I also realized that my quotes pages (three till now) are mainly of shows with females in the lead. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I would like to focus on a male lead next time. So that might mean Angel (a show that is also cancelled, like the others) or perhaps Castle (which is still going). Something to look forward to next month ;-). 

The fun stuff
The fun stuff includes me going with a wonderful friend to the new Batman movie (yes, there might be a review coming about it soon on my blog as well): Dark Knight Rising. In short, it was very nice, but Bane just wasn't the same villain as The Joker was for me in the last movie (played by the awesome Heath Ledger). Other fun stuff was having friends over and that my sister crashed here for a couple of nights because she did some volunteering in Amsterdam. It was great to have her here and have late night chats before going to bed. Kinda like a sleepover and that has definitely been a while, so I really enjoyed it.

Yesterday I went to the tenth Summer Darkness Festival in Utrecht. I had never been there before, but it was very cool. It's this underground festival full of (musical) performances, fashion shows and a market with mostly clothing and jewelry all gothic or cyber stuff... Some of the clothing was really great, while others were just a little to daring for me. Either way, it was a lot of fun to see the models dancing on stage to their own music and showing of the boots and dresses, shirts and pants. I actually would have liked to see some of the shows or performances, but since I'm still looking for a full time/permanent job I decided not to do that just know. There's always next year ;-). What I did like were the stands. They had some beautiful jewelry, even Elena's necklace (replica) from The Vampire Diaries, which was kinda cool. They also had a lot of LP's, which my sister's boyfriend would have been interested in I think, but he wasn't there. Maybe I'll ask him to come next year. But what I was most impressed about, was all the steampunk stuff. I think that it just looks really amazing and interesting. It always makes me think of the Castle-ep and one vlog by Felicia Day :). I really love those hats and corsets and stuff... In case you don't really know what steampunk is, you might just wanne check out this episode 'cause it's funny.

Anyway, that was some of the fun stuff of the last weeks. Now I'm back to chores again :P. 

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