zondag 15 juli 2012

One of those days

Sometimes I feel really down. There's no real cause of it, but it just overcomes me. Writing about it in some kind of poem is what helps me feel better. And this is one of those creations that came out of it. Afterwards I felt happy again. It's so weird... Anyway, I guess that's the background story on this one.

It’s one of those days
Where there’s nothing you want
Nothing seems good or fun
While in the back of your mind
You know that your life has just begun

The world is filled with wonderful things
Possibilities for adventures
Choices that can make or break your life
But today is one of those days
that you can’t seem to take that dive

You’re young and at the prime of your life
Yet you sit in a chair or lie in your bed
Thinking about how lucky you should feel
While you just hit rock bottom,
and it’s one of those days

You can be happy with sunshine
Or simply enjoy the wetness of the rain
But it’s like your heart is breaking inside your chest
Without reason, without cause
Because today is just one of those days

Then it gets better
and there's light in your life.
Some kind of weight has been lifted,
And you're hoping it stays.
I guess... 
it's just one of those days.

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