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The awesomeness of quotes (2)

This awesomeness of quotes will focus on another show I love. Mostly because of the familyfeel, community, mother&daughter relationship, smart references and the quirky characters. Oh, and lets not forget the amazing (and fast) dialogue! This can only be one tv series: Gilmore Girls. Just like Buffy it lasted seven season, so there's a lot to choose from. And I just think that it's incredibly funny, as some of these quotes will show.

Season 1

1x07 - Kiss and Tell

Rory: "Hey. My mom's not wearing any underwear."
Lorelai: "Oh!"
Rory: "Well, you aren't."
Taylor: "You're just being selfish, Luke."
Lorelai: "Still they don't notice. I can't take it anymore."
Taylor: "We're talking about the spirit of fall."
Lorelai: (gets the coffee herself and lifts the cover off the muffins) "What kind of muffin do you want?"
Rory: "Blueberry"
Luke: "You know where you can stick the spirit of fall? (hands Lorelai a utensil to pick up the muffins) Here, don't use your hands."
Taylor: "I don't think you're taking me seriously."
Luke: "What gave you that idea? (to Lorelai, who is leaving) No tip?"
Lorelai: "Oh, yeah,, here's a tip... serve your customers!"
Luke: "Here's another... don't sit on any cold benches."

Luke: "Will you marry me?"
Lorelai: "What?
Luke: "Just looking for something to shut you up."

1x10 - Forgiveness and Stuff

Emily: "So what exactly is going on between the two of you?"
Luke: "Nothing. Really. We're friends, that's it."
Emily: "You're idiots, the both of you."

1x 14 - That Damn Donna Reed

Lorelai: "Mmm, kickass wine."
Emily: "How poetic!"
Lorelai: "It's got a nice smell. Earthy, vibrant, you can taste the Italian's feet."
Richard: "Well, it's a Bordeaux, it's French."
Lorelai: "Ha, what's an Italian's foot doing in a French wine?"
Rory: "Can brains hurt?"
Lorelai: "Yes, it's hypochondria hour."
Rory: "No, I'm serious. Last night when I was reading my biology chapters I distinctly heard a ping in the vicinity of my brain."
Lorelai: "Your brain pinged?"
Rory: "Yeah. It just went like 'dink'."
Lorelai: "Well then, honey, your brain dinked. It didn't ping."

Lorelai: "I love to paint."
Luke: "You do?"
Lorelai: "Yes, I do."
Luke: "You love it?"
Lorelai: "I want to marry it."
Luke: "You have strange passions."
Rory: "She likes washing dishes too. She's multi-faceted abnormal."

Lorelai: "Rory just dressed up in a cute apron the other day, and so I was just teasing her about it."
Richard: "Why did you get dressed up in an apron?"
Lorelai: "W..well, we decided to give up on that pesky Harvard dream and focus on something more realistic. Mom, dad, Rory's decided to become a maid, just like I was."
Rory: "Each of us have to follow a chick through it's entire growth process. Everything has to be logged, eating habits, sleeping habits..."
Lorelai: "Houdini habits."
Rory: "She got out."
Lorelai: "She ran far."
Rory: "But she lived."
Lorelai: "She's a better bird for it."
Rory: "Thank God Luke found her."
Emily: "Luke found her?"
Lorelai: "What?"
Emily: "Rory said that Luke found her."
Lorelai (to Rory): "Getting me back for the apron thing?"
Rory: "Sorry."
Emily (about Luke): "And how did he know that the bird was missing? What, was he strolling by your house and he heard your plaintive cries for help?"
Lorelai: "Mom."
Emily: "Or the helpless cheep of a chick in trouble?"
Lorelai: "I called him, Mom. OK? I called him and asked him to come over and help me look for the bird. OK?"
Emily: "It seems like this man is always around when you're in trouble."
Lorelai: "He's a good friend."
Emily: "Oh, please."
Lorelai: "Do we have to discuss this?"
Emily: "Lorelai, I'm getting a little tired of being lied to."
Lorelai: "Apparently we do."
Emily: "This man was at Rory's birthday party, he came to the hospital with you, he's the male lead in every story you tell, you go to the diner every single day. I've seen the way he looks at you, the way you look at him. I'm not a fool."
Lorelai: "Mom, please."
Emily: "Why do you treat me like I don't have a clue in the world as to what is going on in your life? Now I'm asking you, as a favor, if you have any respect for me at all as your mother, just tell me. Do you have feelings for this man?"
Lorelai: "I don't know. Maybe I do. I haven't given it much thought. Maybe I do."
Emily: "Thank you. I'm glad you were finally honest with me. Now we can discuss what on earth you could possibly be thinking."

Lorelai: "So. Dinner, thoughts?"
Rory: "Let's have some."

1x 16 - Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers
Chase : "So Lorelai, are you a member of the DAR?"
Lorelai: "No, I'm not. D-A-R-N."

1x 18 - The Third Lorelai
Emily: "Everyone's awefully quiet tonight."
Lorelai: "Sorry Mom, I'm just tired."
Rory: "Me too - school."
Lorelai: "Work."
Rory: "Life."
Lorelai: "Dig it man."
Rory: "Peace out Humphrey."
Emily: "Mystery. (pause) Well this is just ridiculous. Three intelligent women sitting here in complete silence. There must be something to talk about. Do you know that every night at dinner, the Kennedy clan would sit around the table having lively debates about everything under the sun? They would quiz each other about current events, historical facts, intellectual trivia. Now the Gilmore clan is just as smart and worldly as the Kennedy's so come on, somebody, say something."
Lorelai: "Do you know that butt models make 10.000 dollars a day?"
(Rory chuckles)
Emily: "Camelot is truly dead."
Richard: "Emily!"
Emily: "In here, just follow the crickets."
Richard: "I am sorry I'm late, but I come bearing wonderful news."
Emily: "Siri, bring Mr. Gilmore a plate!"
Richard: "I just got off the phone."
Emily: "Would you like to change first?"
Richard: "No, no, no. I'm fine. So I..."
Emily: "Siri, Mr. Gilmore is hungry!" (placing a napkin in his lap)
Richard: "Emily, I am perfectly capable of putting a napkin on my lap."
Emily: "Alright, I'm sorry. You were on the phone."
Richard: "Long distance."
Lorelai: "God?"
Richard: "London."
Lorelai: "God lives in London?"
Richard: "My mother lives in London."
Lorelai: "Your mother is God?"
Richard: "Lorelai."
Lorelai: "So. God is a woman..."
Richard: "Lorelai."
Lorelai: "And a relative. That's so cool, I'm gonna totally ask for favors."
Richard (to Rory): "Make her stop."
Rory: "Oh, that I could."
Emily: "You spoke to your mother."
Richard: "Yes, I did. She's fine, she sends her love and ... she's coming to visit."
Emily: "What?"
Lorelai: "You're kidding!"
Emily: "When?"
Rory: "I'm gonna get to meet my great-grandma?"
Richard: "Lorelai the first."
Emily: "When?"
Lorelai: "I was named after her."
Rory: "I figured."
Emily: "Richard, when?"
Richard: "You're going to love her. My mother is brilliant, absolutely brilliant."
Lorelai: "We share that also."
Emily: "I'm asking a question here, does no one hear me? Am I suddenly invisible?"
Richard: "I'm sorry. What was the question?"
Emily: "When is your mother arriving?"
Richard: "A week from today. Rory, I'm telling you, it's going to be such a treat."
Emily: "Excuse me."
Lorelai: "I still can't get over that I'm related to God. It's gonna make getting Madonna tickets so much easier."
or simply watch the entire version here:

Rory (about Paris and Tristan leaving the classroom for a private conversation): "Or we could wait for her to come back in to see if she wants us to know."
Louise: "Those who simply wait for information to find them, spend a lot of time sitting by the phone. Those who go and find it themselves, have something to say when it rings."
Rory: "Nietzsche?"
Louise: "Dawson."
Rory: "My next guess."

Season 2

2x05 - Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy
Rory: "Oh my God, I hate her."
Lorelai: "Ah, me too."
Rory: "You have no idea who I'm talking about."
Lorelai: "Solidarity, sister."

2x07 - Like Mother, Like Daughter
Rory: [startled by Paris] "God, you're like a pop-up book from hell!"

2x08 The Ins and Outs of Inns
Rory: "You were a Trekkie?"

Luke: "I was not a Trekkie."
Lorelai: "Oh, oh. I do believe denying you were a Trekkie is a violation of the prime directive."
Rory: "Indubitably, Captain."

Luke: "It was a gift from my aunt, I wore it to make her happy."
Lorelai: "I've never wanted to make any aunt of mine that happy."
Rory: "I hate fighting with friends."
Lorelai: "That's what enemies are for."
Rory: "And God knows, we have our share of those."

2x09 - Run Away, Little Boy
Lane: "I was just expecting a call from Rory and I thought..."
Mrs. Kim: "You do your math?"

Lane: "Yes."
Mrs. Kim: "History?"
Lane: "Yes."
Mrs. Kim: "Biology?"
Lane: "No."
Mrs. Kim: "Why?"
Lane: "Well, I'm not taking biology."
Mrs. Kim: "Why?"
Lane: "
I took it last year."
Mrs. Kim: "And that's it? One year and you know all there is to know?"
Lane: "Well, I..."
Mrs. Kim: "Tomorrow we look into private school."
Lane: "Mama, please, the phone."
Mrs. Kim: "Five minutes. I'm counting."

2x10 - The Bracebridge Dinner
Lorelai: "What about Paris? Does she ever sleep?
Rory: "I think she periodically makes a whirring noise and then just shuts down."

Mrs. Kim: "This is my stuff. Don't need any more stuff. People have too much stuff."
Lorelai: "You know, you're right. People have too much stuff. Absolutely."
[Mrs. Kim and Lane walk away]
Rory: "Says the woman with 64 pairs of shoes."
Lorelai: "Thus proving my point."

Jess: "We should have eaten before we came."
Luke: "Shh! And...yeah."

Lorelai: "Hey Mom, you didn't make it back to the room last night. Did you get lucky?"

Emily: "Could you be any cruder?"
Lorelai: "Yeah, I could be cruder. Hey Mom, did you get lai-"
Rory [intercepts]: "Thanks for coming!

2x11 - Secrets and LoansRory: "I got a 740 verbal and a 760 math."
Lorelai: "Ugh, thank God you're not an idiot."
Rory: "I got a 740 verbal and a 760 math?"
Lorelai: "Those are damn good scores little lady, really. Amazing. Top notch. Those are PSA-T-rific. Sorry, it was just lying there, I had to go for it. You're frowning."
Rory: "How did I get a higher score in math?"

Lorelai: "Who cares?"
Rory: "But I'm stronger in verbal. Verbal is my thing."
Lorelai: "No, verbal is my thing."

Rory: "We have a situation here and she's being so stubborn."
Dean: "Huh."
Rory: "What?"
Dean: "What what?"
Rory: "What was with the 'huh'?"
Dean: "Nothing."
Rory: "No, there was a meaning behind that 'huh'. That was a loaded 'huh'. That was not a normal 'huh'. You meant to say something with that 'huh', and now you're taking it back."
Dean: "Okay, now..."
Rory: "Don't use that kind of 'huh' if you're not prepared to defend it. Why aren't you saying anything?"
Dean: "Because words are a very dangerous thing right now."
Rory: "You were saying that I'm stubborn just like my mother."
Dean: "I was saying that in addition to all the wonderful amazing qualities that the two of you share there is possibly, on occasion, a similar tendency to dig your heels in."

Lorelai: "You are not seriously sitting there."
Emily: "No. It's a hologram. Lifelike, isn't it?"

2x12 - Richard in Stars Hallow
Emily: "So Lorelai, are you dating?"
Lorelai: "Uh, hm, no, I'm not dating."
Emily: "Really? There's no one at all?"
Lorelai: "No, totally single."
Emily: "Any chance you'd get back with Max?""
Lorelai: "No Mom, there's no chance."
Emily: "
What about the man at the diner, the one who refuses to shave?"
Lorelai: "Luke, he's just a friend Mom."
Emily: "Do you think you'll be single your entire life?"

Lorelai: "Excuse me?"
Emily: "I mean, in terms of your finding someone, what do you think the odds are?"
Lorelai: "Okay, what is going on?"
Emily: "Well, I visited the family mausoleum today."
Lorelai: "Never what you think it's gonna be!"
Rory: "You are going to uncover the seedy underbelly of Stars Hollow?"
Paris: "Yes."
Rory: "Paris, Stars Hallow doesn't have a seedy underbelly. We don't even have a meter maid."

Rory: "All right, so we're here now, where do you wanna go?"
Paris: "I don't know, where's the bad part of town?"
Rory: "Uhh, over there."
Paris: "What?"
Rory: "Uh, people... They are very upset with the color of that fence."

Paris: "It's pretty common knowledge that diners are breeding grounds for prostitution and drug dealers."
Luke: "What?"
Paris: "Have you ever seen anything like that going down here?"
Luke: "Have I ever -"
Paris: "What about that guy over there? What's his story?"
Luke: "Reverend Nichols?"
Paris: "Reverend Nichols, huh? What's that, like Dr. Feelgood?"
Luke: "Rory, how much do you like this person?"
Rory: "Do what you gotta do, Luke."
[Jess comes down the steps, into the diner]
Paris: Hey, where'd he come from? What's up there? Is that where you keep the girls? You got yourself a little cathouse up there?

Lorelai: "Rory, we're home!"
Richard: "Next time, stop the car completely before you get out."
Lorelai: "Rory, for the love of God, be home!"
Rory: "I'm here, sorry! I was on the phone. How was your - [Lorelai grabs Rory and hugs her very tightly] Ooh, okay."
Lorelai: "I don't think I've ever love you quite as much as I love you right now."
Rory: "Ah, ribs cracking... organs crushing."
Lorelai: "Yeah, well. Love hurts."

Gypsy: "Okay, I found something wrong."
Richard: "You did?"
Dean: "What?"
Gypsy: "Windshield wipers. Came right off in my hand, very dangerous. Thank God I check it again."
Dean: "Gypsy, you broke those off yourself."
Gypsy: "Yes I did."
Dean: "Put 'em back!"
Gypsy: "I can't look at this car anymore."
Dean: "Gypsy!"
Gypsy: "I miss my home."
Dean: "Put them back."
Richard: "Now I suppose the car is safe."
Dean: "It is."
Richard: "I'm still not sure it's a appropriate gift."
Dean: "I understand that."
[They stand silently next to each other for a moment, arms crossed.]
Richard: "How tall are you?"
Dean: "Why, you wanna dance?"
Richard: "No, thank you. [pauzes] I appreciate the offer though."

2x13 - A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Lorelai: "This is a picture of me."
Miss Patty: "It is?"
Lorelai: "Yeah. Why do you have a picture of me in your wallet?"
Miss Patty: "Oh, uh, well it's a very nice picture."
Lorelai: "Thank you. Why do you have a very nice picture of me in your wallet?"
Miss Patty: "I'm a stalker?"
Lorelai: "Or?"
Miss Patty: "Or, when, in my daily travels, I run across a nice single guy..."
Lorelai: "Oh God!"

Lorelai: "Ah man. I remember the days of lying to my mother about a boy. Once I had a boy hidden in the closet and of course Mom wouldn't leave, so I finally had to pretend to get sick to my stomach just to get her out of the room long enough for him to climb out the window and down the tree. He fell, broke his leg. Ah, to be young again."

Jackson: "I think we should get married."
Sookie: "What?"
Jackson: "I think we should get married."
Sookie: "But - uh, but..."
Jackson: "Soon."
Sookie: "Are you pregnant?"

2x14 - It Should Have Been Lorelai

Mr.s O'Malley: "And on the Chilton team, we have Rory Gilmore and Paris Gellar."
[Sookie and Lorelai cheer very loudly]Lorelai: "Owww!"
Sookie: "Whooooo!"
[Everyone else is silent en Rory looks a little embarrassed]Sookie: "Were we not supposed to do that?"

Lorelai: "Maybe no one noticed."

Lorelai: [to Rory] "So, I'm dying to hear about your night with Sherry. How was it? Give it to me, A to Z, beginning to end, soup to nuts."

Kirk: "Excuse me Mrs. Kim. I'm Kirk."
Mrs. Kim: "I know you're Kirk. I've known you since you were two."
Kirk: "That's no guarantee that people remember me."

Michel [to Rory]: "Ah, get away from me evil girl!"
Rory: "But..."
Michel: "Never will I do anything for you again, ever, ever, never!"
Rory: "Well if it makes you feel any better, you had really good form."
Michel: "You are your mother's child."
Rory: "Thank you!"

2x15 - Lost and Found

Lorelai: "Whatcha doing?"
Luke: "I'm looking for my supply ledger."
Lorelai: "Is it going well?"
Luke: "It's going fine."
Lorelai: "You have a sock on your shoulder. Is it helping you look?"

Luke: "I bought one of those Belgian waffles with ice cream dipped in chocolate."
Lorelai: "You ate that?"
Luke: "No, I didn't eat it!"
Lorelai: "Of course not."
Luke: "I'm upset, not suicidal."
Lorelai: "Right."
Luke: "I knew I just had to do something and I had your voice going round and round in my head."
Lorelai: "Yeah, it's kinda like the Small World song."

2x17 - Dead Uncles and Vegetables
Emily: "What do you think of the Romanovs?"
Luke: "They probably had it coming"

2x22 - I Can't Get Started

Lorelai: "Oy, with the poodles already!"

Rory: "She and Luke have been in this fight for too long. She's gotta do this."

Dean: "You're cruel."
Rory: "Tough love, baby. Oops, I think she's coming in."
Dean: "How can you tell?"
Rory: "She's got shoe sale face on."

Lorelai: "But I'm here now and hey, I'm like cheese."

Dean: "What?" 
Rory: "She gets better with time."
Dean: "Ah."
Rory: "Sorry Gouda, we've got school."

Michel: "All right, the piano movers will be here at eight and the chairs will be set up at nine. All the rooms are made up and ready. I will be in at ten. Now I am going home unless you would like me to stay."

Lorelai: "Actually, I would. Thanks."
Michel: "No, I'm sorry. I think I said that wrong. I am going home now unless you would like me to stay."
Lorelai: "I would love you to stay, thanks for offering."
Michel: "Okay, see, once again, my English not so good. One more time. I am going home now, after working six hours longer than I usually work and performing task I despise and am ashamed of, and now I am going home to wash off the stench of this horrifying day, that is, unless, for some unknown Godforsaken reason, you need me to stay."
Lorelai: "Well, actually -"
Michel: "Goodbye."

Season 3
3x08 - Let the Games Begin
Luke: "Very romantic."
Lorelai: "Says the man who yelled 'Finally!' at the end of Love Story."

3x13 - Dear Emily and Richard

Lorelai: "It's from my mother."
Rory: "What is it?"
Lorelai: "It's heavy. Must be her hopes and dreams for me."
Rory: "I thought she discarded those years ago."

3x19 - Keg! Max!

Rory: "It's Friday night. We should be out, I don't know, partying with the homies."
Lorelai: "Our Stars Hollow homies are all in bed by now."

Season 4

4x10 - The Nanny and the Professor
Lorelai: "The plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac?" 
Rory: "Yes."
Lorelai: "That doesn't even sound like English."
Rory: "That's because it's French."

4x22 - Raincoats and Recipes
Rory (while playing a videogame with Lane): "Where'd he go?"
Lane: "I don't know."
Rory: "What do I do?"
Lane: "I don't know!"
Rory: "Did I lose?"
Lane: "Well, you have no head, so probably."
Rory: "So this is what teenage boys are doing instead of watching television? 
Lane: "Apparently."
Rory: "Seems like a lateral move."

Season 5

5x01 - Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller
Lorelai: "I don't want to forget it ever happened. It was a great kiss."
Luke: "Yeah?"
Lorelai: "If one of us had been a frog, it would have had some seriously impressive consequences."

Rory (while talking about Rory and Dean sleeping together): "Why are you whispering?"

Lane: "Because I just think that no matter where she is, my Mom can hear this conversation."

5x06 - Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant!

Doyle: "Man, I hate those kind of guys - those privileged, white males."
Rory: "Doyle, you're a privileged white male."
Doyle: "Well, he's more privileged. And way more whiter."

5x17 - Pulp Friction

Lorelai: "If it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one."

Season 6

6x10 - He's Slippin' Em Bread ... Dig?
Rory: "They never invited their priest over to try and talk you out of having sex!"
Lorelai: "Five times! And on the last one, they triple-teamed with a priest, a rabbi, and a Mormon missionary. I made so many jokes that night I should have had a microphone and a brick wall behind me."

Season 7

7x01 - The Long Morrow
Rory: "Well, you know, I guess we don't have to talk about... stuff."
Lorelai: "Yeah... Who says we always have to be talking? We can not talk!"
Rory: "Of course we can."
Lorelai: "Okay, we should probably talk about how we're not gonna talk..."

Ending with one of my faves from 4x18: 

Thanks to the amazing writers team behind this show. They really made one of the most enjoyable shows on television ever.Note: This page will keep changing, just like the Buffyquotes page. Also check out these websites for more quotes, or simply do what I do: Make time for a rewatch ;-).


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