zondag 5 februari 2012

A Father’s Heart

Your first words and his face changes
The corners of his mouth change into a smile
His eyes start to sparkle
His heart warms and so does yours

Your first steps and he holds out his hands
Urging you to take another
Proud, but cautious
Strong, so you don’t get hurt

The first time you fall
His strong arms pick you up and you know you will be all right
He will keep you safe
And he will protect you

The first time you cry
He kisses your cheeks and holds you close
Someone you can count on
Someone who will always be there

You hear it in his voice
You see it in his face
The way that he talks
The love that he shares
Every time you’re with him

Time may pass, but it never goes away
You will always know it
And always will remember
Because you are in his heart
And he will forever be in yours

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