maandag 13 februari 2012

Starting the next fase of my life...

I'm almost finished with my Masters. The problem is that the entire world is in a crisis situation and a lot of cutbacks have been made, especially in my field. I study Film- and Television studies and the cultural field has to find a way to work with way less money. So I thought it would be a good idea to pay a visit to the Careerevent and see what is out there. 

Two days of workshops and business stands
The Careerevent is being held twice a year. It provides workshops, you can let you resumé be checked and ask advice. There are also business stands who can tell you what kind of people they are looking for and you can ask them questions about their work. All in all you would think this is a very good thing. Unfortunately I did what people call a 'pleasure study' and there weren't many business stands for me (or people with my education). I did find two stands however that were able to give me a little bit more information, where I should look and what my options are. 
I already know that it would be hard for me to find a job in my field of study, so I considered doing an internship again. But this time not as a student. It would look good on my resumé, I could get more experience and still have a small paycheck (which is better than none), but the problem is that a lot of companies don't hire you if you are not a student. One of these stands told me otherwise and that I should definitely try to look for them. And when I do, I should let them know why I want that internship (motivations, drive and let enthusiasm speak for itself). So that was of some help. 

I mostly went for the workshops. Seeing how I'm very new in this, I thought it might help me prepare for what is out there. So I did/took (?) a workshop about speed reading. I'm a slow reader, so I wanted to start off with this one. It could never hurt right? And in just one hour we learned some pretty good techniques and I read almost twice as fast at the end of it. Very succesful! I also did workshops about how to make your career, which basically came down to following your heart. In my eyes it's for people who already have a job, but aren't happy there. Not really a luxery I can afford. The workshop after that was pretty much the same, only then in other words.
I took two other workshops: One about doing assessments (which happens more and more often apperently) and it was very useful. If I ever have to do one, I now know how to prepare for it. The second one was about leadership and four females. It was very helpful in painting a picture about what kind of person you are and what qualities you have. I learned about the weaknesses that go with it and they gave advice about how to deal with them.

(source: )
Translation: "woman and work - what four women can teach you"

The event lasted two days and I intended to go the second day as well. But the weather was very bad (snow, wind, slippery) and some things got cancelled, so I decided not to go. I missed out on one workshop which is about personal branding with social media and how you set yourself apart in this day and age. Luckily there are also a lot of tips online that can help me with that. :-). Save to say that I learned a lot and now it is time for the hard work: finding a job, while also staying true to myself by doing something that I want to do. Let's hope it works!

Blogs I intent to do later this month: About the right education, my 'art' and looking for jobs.

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