donderdag 13 februari 2014

The end of the world

The earth is shaking
and the ground crumbles away
nothing to stand on 
nothing to keep you straight

Then the sky starts rumbling
and a darkness falls
there's nothing left to see
and nothing around you

A fire is burning
and it soon starts spreading
the flames go higher and higher
and you feel trapped

The ocean's getting wild and unruly
waves are getting stronger and higher
Not a sound to be made
not a breath to be taken
The water is overtaking you
and there's nothing you can do
It's armageddon
the end of the world
No more land to stand on
No more sky or daylight to look out to

With nothing left to hope for
and without anything to hold on to
all faith is lost
And the best thing to do?
To let it all go

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