donderdag 4 september 2014

Ten years ago today

Ten years ago today
your lifelight was taken away
After a long sickbed
and a summer that flew by

Ten years ago today
Only a day later I received a phone call
It left me devestated
crushed with grief
and filled with disbelief

Ten years ago today
I was crying on the phone
coping with death
coping with letting you go
confronted with your loss
that I lost it all

Ten years ago today
I saw the cruelty of the world
that took you away

I learned to say goodbye
Crying myself to sleep at night

Ten years ago today
and there's not a day that goes by
that your life won't be remembered
Because you might have had to go
but you will never be forgotten
and will forever be in my heart

For Tom

In loving memory
Rest in peace

20 Mar 1989 -
04 Sep 2004

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