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The A for Awkward

There's this show I started watching a while back... An MTV series. For realzies. Yep, can't quite explain it myself either. It's called Awkward, which I guess is something that could be for anything. The thing is... I found it so ridiculous, and it's so exagerated that I think it's funny. All the awkward stuff that Jenna (the main role) goes through actually reminds me of the show Being Erica. Only that show focuses on an adult instead of a teenage girl. Erica actually goes through a lot of awkward and embarissing moments, but other than that it's actually nothing alike. Even though I like Being Erica waaaay better, I'm gonna talk about this teenage show that focuses on a teenage girl, who classmates believe tried to kill herself... Right: AWKWAAAAAARD!

Teen comedy/drama
It's too high school and that is why this show may not be for everyone. All the cliché's come to play, but seeing how it's an MTV original series, it's perfect for their target group. Many of teens most important issues are brought up, like boyfriends, sex, relationships, parents and blogging :P. Though it's focus is mainly on relationships and/or sex, it also focuses on real issues, such as being a social outcast, not fitting in and surviving high school.
But lets start at the beginning. The comedy show focuses on teenage girl (and social outcast) Jenna Hamilton, who after receiving a letter, has an accident, though it appears as if she tried to commit suicide. She also is a faithful blogger, though her blog isn't open for everyone. As the first season progresses she becomes stuck in a love triangle. In the first ep we find out she lost her virginity to the popular Matty McKibben, with whom she contintues a secret relationship because he's embarrassed of her. But soon his best friend, Jake Rosati, feels attracted to her, unaware of their relationship and they start hanging out... Hence the triangle. And of course there has to be a nemesis: Sadie, the cheerleader who wants to make Jenna's life a living hell.

Even though this show doesn't have many big names on the credits, there are a lot of familiar faces for me. Jenna's mum is played by Nikki DeLoach, who played a vital role in Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer (there was also a guest appearance from Kristoffer Polaha who I also know from the same show). Jenna (Ashley Rickards) herself played in One Tree Hill, and the counseller Valerie (Desi Lydic) was in The Client List. As far as the high school kids go, their names are not so familiar to me (and it's hard to believe they would be in high school given their looks), but they make an entertaining cast. The person, beside Rickards and Lydic that stands out the most is Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed). She deserves special mention, not in the least because of her lingo.

Learn the lingo
Tamara is a canon of entertaining lingo and relationship theories... All the stuff that comes out of her mounth really makes you think about what it is she's trying to say and laugh out loud when you finally get it. I mean... Who says "You need to DYR!"? Which btw, means 'Define your relationship'. I mean, this show has me guessing what American high school kids are really like and if they really talk like that. Because if they are, it's hilarious!!! I mean, I understand it if you use it in texts or on facebook or something, but in an actual conversation? That's just funny! At least to me. Other things that come from Tamara's brain are words like major and stuff, but it's the way she says it that makes it funny. Here are just a couple of examples:

"He kept giving me weird non-answers like my cell phone robot." (2x08 - Time After Time)

"Okay, let's stop making drama cakes for a sec, and think tank this." (2x09 - Homewrecker Hamilton)

"Putting yourself up for public consumption is like batshizat on crack. You're the scariest kind of loose canon Jenna, you're a suicide bomber." (2x10 - Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me)

"No! She's a lesb-utante! She keeps it strictly above the belt, but it was a TS sitch so my Mom's letting me go on the trip to keep me from telling my Grandma. Little does she know I'm totes equal opportunity!" (2x12 - The Other Shoe)

I actually like the show, but I don't love the show. I do love the lingo, as mentioned earlier. What really bugs me about the show though, is the voice over. I think I already wrote about this in relation to Veronica Mars. The thing is, voice overs usually don't work. In Veronica Mars it really did, I mean they rocked it! But in Awkward, well, it's awkward. Totally wrong and very irritating. Especially with the facial expressions... They can be funny to look at, and the thoughts/blogs explain some things, but in all honesty, it's just too much. In short: Awkward is a weird show that makes you laugh and shouldn't be taken too seriously. 

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