maandag 27 augustus 2012


My heart warms like the sunbeams warm the earth
Because of him
His gentle touch
His sweet smile
The softness of his lips
The twinkle in his eyes.
The way he holds me,
and kisses me.

A kiss that will make me see the world,
enjoy it,
experience it,
live it. 

A touch that let's me know,
shows me,
assures me,
and makes me feel.
I long to be near him,
to have him close.
And though he's never far away,
I still miss him.
He's always on my mind,
and it takes just a thought,
to make me smile.
I used to think that people were crazy.
When they told me they finally understood the love songs.
Now, I'm one of them.
It's the best thing, 
and I couldn't be happier.

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