zaterdag 5 november 2011


I'm from the Netherlands and here we have this thing called 'SOG' which stands for 'Study-Avoiding-Behaviour'. When you're doing it, you would be 'sogging'. So that's kinda what I've been doing. When I started this blog my intention was to put something up here like every week or so. And I think it kinda translates to this as well. Because I have been slacking here a bit as well. The honest reason? I couldn't decide what to write about! There's so much, so many movies I would like to share with you, so many shows. So many experiences. But you have to start somewhere, so here's me rambling on...

I'm writing my thesis now and it's actually coming along very well, so I don't really feel bad about it. It's just that I reached the chapter where I did a little audience research and it's so much work to put in to it. It doesn't help that I haven't done this a lot either. So I keep getting distracted. I have watched a short series that I bought a while ago and hadn't seen yet. Which I can recommend to anyone btw. It's Australian and it's called 'Return to Eden'. My mother once showed us this when we were younger, so I guess it's a little nostalgic for me as well. But I still like it. It's very well written and there's definate tension. I also love to look at the fashion of that time! I also (finally) finished watching 'The L Word', which I started with a looooooong time ago, because friends liked it. And I have to say, that the final season was really good. Other than that, I watch/follow a lot of shows, which I also try to keep up with weekly. I like to keep updated, so I read and watch the news, the only thing I haven't done in a while is reading. And I truly miss that. But I keep saying, that once I finish my thesis, I will have time for all of that. For going to the gym again, reading, and writing. Cos I love to write my own stories and I just started with another one today. I only wrote about one page, but it's enough to keep me happy and motivated. So that's a lot of sogging. But that isn't all. One way to make it less 'bad' is by doing something useful. So I did the groceries, cooking and all that housework. I did the laundry, but it still means I'm not getting any work done on my thesis. Which I really would like to finish by the end of November. Now in my defense, I also had a cold this week. Luckily it's almost totally gone now, but it means that my writing was a bit off. And that also helps to inspire sogging. But of course, these are all very bad excuses. Because when something needs to get done, you just need to pull yourself together and do it!

So here's a bit of a lesson in this very interesting blog (cough!) for whoever reads it: Excuses will always be just that, excuses. It's another way of saying that you did or didn't do something for some reason, that doens't cover it. We can always make as many excuses as we like but it doesn't change the fact that the deed is done. Excuses are usually made when you or someone else thinks it is necessary to apologize in some way. So you already know that something is wrong with the way it was handled. Right? Well, I guess that's just my opinion. At least that's what I always think to myself when I hear myself making excuses again. It does help me to think about my actions and hopefully stop the use for excuses. But like this blog proves, I also have my weaker moments.

This blog took a totally different turn than I intended, but for now it's time to start writing again... On my thesis I mean. And that is exactly what I'm going to do, without any excuses to be made ;).

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