donderdag 10 november 2011

Lovely lights

So this past Monday I went to my parents. Not really to visit my parents but to visit Glow Eindhoven, which is only about half an hour from my parents. We were supposed to go with the entire family, but my mom couldn't and my sister was too tired. So it was just me and my dad. And it was BEAUTIFUL!

Seeing how I don't like to rush, I left in the afternoon and had some time to chat with everybody. My mother was already at home, so we talked a lot. I especially liked that, because she wouldn't be joining us in the evening. But the thing I really loved was eating with my family. Because I live 'on my own' in Utrecht I end up eating alone a lot of the time. I do have roommates, or housemates actually, but we never know when anyone is around. So it's just me and my food. It makes it that much more enjoyable to share a nice meal with your folks. We talk and laugh and a lot of the time the food is so much better than when I make it :p. So pure enjoyment. After dinner me and my dad left to go to Eindhoven where the event 'Glow' had started. 

Glow Eindhoven is a wonderful event (from saturday till saturday if I'm correct). Throughout the city you get to see projects made by artists involving light. Or as the tagline says: 'Forum of light in art and architecture'. The event also had a theme about what is reality and what is delusion. My dad and I first bought a program (and route) and we went our way. Now I really love art, though it depends on the art itself of course. But this was truly amazing. There were projects in which you could participate, and beautiful shows you could just watch. For me there were a few projects that I really loved:

- There was this invention where the electricity produced sound. And it played the theme from Inspector Gadget! (At least that's what I could make of it). It was just very cool :). 
- Another was closeby. There was this building on which lights were projected. This projection changed on the rythm of a choir that was singing (though there wasn't an actual choir, it was recorded). It was really beautiful and the building was covered in mesmerizing lights. The trees around it also had the same lighting so it kind of made you be 'inside the music'. 
- Then there was the church. It was this beautifl artwork which involved the church, and it's bonestructure, itself. Who-ever the artist was, he/she really knew how to use the entire gothic building. What surprised me the most was how it wasn't just project on the front of the church, but also around the round towers. It was a very interesting show, because the projection also made it look like the building was going to come down and that sort of things. Really cool.
- But my absolute favorite was 'Afterlight'. It's about this two dimensional picture on a wall. Though the projection made you believe it was three dimensional. I have no idea whatsoever how in the world they could do something like that, but it was really convincing. They did something with the lights that made the picture come forward and move and it's just.... unbelievable. 

I guess this isn't really all that interesting to just read about it, but it was very beautiful and an amazing night out. Afterwards I went back with my dad, stayed the night at my parents and left early in te morning. Only so that I could continue to work at my thesis for a while longer, cos I'm very dedicated all of a sudden :p. But it was a very nice, relaxing and interesting night out.

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