woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Busy like a bee

Time flies when you're having fun. And also when you're working a lot ;-). I just had my two week holiday, while volunteering for the Dutch Film Festival. It's always so much fun; writing and interviewing people, seeing it all in print. We have a great team every year and I hope to be a part of many more to come. After the festival we had the first PINK! (the youth party for the animals) activity this season (organised by me I mean) en then I went right back to work that evening. Night shifts! For some reason I just couldn't get the rythym back so it was a lot of tired days and not enough sleep. But with colleagues like mine I made it through, haha. 

Next to my paid job and working for PINK! I was also lucky enough to see La vie d'Adèle for the website I'm writing for: Filmhoek.nl. I don't even know if I've mentioned it before, but I write movie reviews and blogs for this website and I'm so very proud of it. We haven't even been online for a year and it's such a fast growing website. We try to get the latest news first - in Holland that is - and I'm glad to be able to write again about my passion. Watching the winner of Cannes during the press viewing and putting my thoughts down about it, I remembered how much I love it. I don't know how many readers of my blog can read/understand Dutch, but if you're interested you can find it here ;-)

Of course I'm also busy with the new series season. Because of the film festival I wasn't able to keep up, but I'm almost back on track with all the shows I watch. Arrow, Revenge and Once Upon a Time are all so great. But I really would love to mention two new shows I'm watching: The Crazy Ones, with one of my favorite actresses of all time: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her chemistry with Robin Williams is truly amazing and I really enjoy watching it. It's great to have our 'Buffy' on tv again! The other show is Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It's Joss's new show, which he created with brother Jed and Jed's wife Maurissa. I've only seen two episodes so far and I have to say that I'm not quite sure what I think of it... The dialogue is good, but it just feels a little messy. I'm always a fan of the 'nerds/geeks/computer wizzes/genius' in his shows, but now there are three of them. So I'm hoping the next episodes will be better. It might just be me though... I'm not a fan of shows with guns and military and of course that's exactly what you get with agents :P.

One other thing I'm currently very busy with is the preperations for HalloWhedon 5. Only nine days away!!!!! GAAAAAAAH I'm so excited, I can't think straight :P. I'm trying to find costumes, find out what else I need to bring and mostly: UBEREXCITED (and sometimes even emotional) about seeing my friends again. I haven't seen them in a year and it's gonna be a weekend full of hugs, parties and amazing fun :D :D :D. 

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