maandag 29 juli 2013

Past, present and future

Time goes by so fast. 
It's intangible, 
gone before you know it...

The past is the past,
filled with vague memories,
ever unchangable. 
The future is a mystery,
but full of possibilities.

Here is now.
All about experiencing,
and know that you are living. 
Choices to make
and steps to undertake.
All you have is today.

There's no notion of time.
It's just a vague concept
and it passes. 
Gone to soon
and yet not soon enough.

The past is gone, 
the future is tomorrow.
It's about here and now,
because today is what counts.

** Usually I don't really explain my 'poems' or the like, but in this case I'd like to give a little explanation... When I write my 'poetry', it comes from a state of mind, a feeling that I just have to put in words. I wrote this one a while ago and can't seem to access that state of mind, so that's why it's a little.... off :P. Anyway... it turned out more as a doodle or something.

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