zondag 16 juni 2013

One true love

When you meet them, 
you know it right away.
There's a feeling,
or a jolt of electricity,
there's something...
Something that tells you, 
you want this person in your life forever.

It won't be like other relationships,
it'll be real.
Instead of just wanting to be with someone,
you actually can't be without them,
you have no choice.

Before you might have wondered, 
or perhaps you've known all along,
that you weren't meant to be.
Some reason you didn't picture a future,
but now,
there's nothing else you can see. 

It's always and forever,
till death do you part,
in this life and the next,
till the end of the world, 
you will be in each other's hearts.

It sweeps you up and takes you away.
Your whole world has changed
and everything seems bright.
Every touch is cosmic,
Every kiss takes your breath away,
and you're finally complete.

That's when you realize,
you have come to learn it's true.
There is such a thing as one true love... 
Even for you.

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