zondag 30 juni 2013

Dancing it out

So lately I've been going through some personal stuff and it's not always easy to handle... Most of the time I'm actually having a pretty hard time. I'm really OK some of the time, but at other moments I just wanna scream and shout, hit something or I feel like running around the world in one giant breath. 
I just need to let it all out, because I feel I can go mad sometimes... At the same time I feel like I can't actually let any of it out, because I could loose control and I don't know where that would lead. So what I do is I listen to music. I blast the volume of my stereo and I sing along (shout along is more like it), it's a way of screaming I guess, without simply screaming. Now, I don't know much about dancing (meaning I'm not good at it :P), but I also dance to the music quite a bit. Just because it's a really nice way to get some of the adreline out. Besides, who doesn't do sports on music, right? You can also hit the air, sort of, anyway... I guess you could say it works therapeutic for me. But the songs have to be right for it. 
I was just listening to some music on YouTube and there was seriously a list that's called 'Fuck you, I'm better of without you, break up songs'. Lol. That just made me smile, because I think it's kinda funny. It just shows how much music can help in pretty much any situation. So no long blog for me this week, but I just thought I would share some of these songs that I'm listening to lately. My kinda playlist, so to speak. Turns out a lot of songs by Kelly Clarkson and P!nk are good for it as well. Anyway, enjoy them!





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