donderdag 25 oktober 2012

More than ready for the sequel (or third)!!!

At the end of September I just started working for the Dutch Film Festival, but I was already counting down the days to the end of October. Because the final weekend of October - meaning tomorrow - I will be attending HalloWhedon for the third time! And I'm so excited I can't even think straight... I mean, I am trying to pack my bag, but I feel like I'm forgetting everything. Today I was with my parents for an impromptu trip so I could pick up a larger suitcase, not to mention some other clothes and one of those things for a plug socket (?) - 'cause we have different ones over here. There's so much to think about. But the most important thing is that I'm seeing my friends again :D.

HalloWhedon, the first
Okay, so here's the deal. HalloWhedon is a convention for fans of works made by the genius that is Joss (Whedon). Four years ago it had it's first weekend and it was a big succes. I just had to be there. I had known for a long time that these events took place and that many fans found each other there, became friends and so on. I always felt that I missed out on that. Of course I had no idea if there were any in my neighbourhood, but I certainly didn't hear of any. So when I heard about this one I squeeled of joy. I mean, my favorite show EVER - Buffy - had it's finale many years prior. I figured it was my least chance: I could go on my own, because I was old enough. I also had the money and who knew how many more might actually be organised??? So I went. I already made some friends on the forum, so I knew some people by name. Seeing how it's a weekend thing, it started on Friday and Halloween was that Saturday (hence the name). There are themed parties every night, but unfortunately I didn't get to go to any because I got sick. But I certainly wasn't going to miss out on all the photomoments, autographes and talks. It truly was an amazing experience.

My second HalloWhedon
No, I wasn't at HalloWhedon 2. And I was so bummed about it, that I just had to go to the third. I heard the most amazing stories about the second HalloWhedon and I seriously spend the entire weekend thinking about what I was missing. Luckily I had the dvd's of Dollhouse to give me some kind of Whedony weekend, but it just wasn't enough. So I decided right then and there (especially after hearing all the stories) that if there was going to be a HalloWhedon 3, I was going to be there. On top of that, I also thought that I would have to do it over again because I missed out on the parties the first time. And HalloWhedon 3 was even better then the first one. I made more friends, I went to the parties and I had the best time EVER. Not to mention I got hugging pictures with Anthony Head and Amber Benson. And Amber spontaniously hugged me, after I gave her a Dutch delicacy :O.
I was also in luck this time, because a friend from HalloWhedon offered me a ride with her parents, so I didn't have to go alone. Plus no checking in bags or waiting three hours at the airport. I guess I could go on and on about it, but all I can say is: I really wanted a sequel of this :P.

HalloWhedon 4
More than anything, I wanted to go to the next one. My problem? It's very expensive. The past year I graduated and had a really hard time finding a job. And shallow and selfish as it may be, for a long time all I could think about was finding a job just so I would be able to go to HW4. I do have a job now, but I don't make enough money... Luckily my parents came to the rescue. They know how much it means to me and thanks to their help I get to go tomorrow. Seriously lots of love for them! I get to see my friends again and make new friends. I get to finally meet the scoobies I made over facebook, twitter and the forum. Guests this year are Kristine Sutherland - who played Buffy's mom -, J August Richards - Gunn from Angel - and Nicholas Brendon - Xander in Buffy -, who've I already met at the first HW. Sean Maher - Simon Tam from Firefly - was supposed to be there, but unfortunately he had to cancel due to work commitments. Very sad, especially 'cause he had to cancel last year as well, but it's still going to be awesome! I'm so excited right now and also a bit stressed about catching my flight and finding the right bus and everything. But once I'm in the hotel, it will be all fun all the way. My suitcase is mostly packed, I've got my costumes, food, tickets, make-up and a little something for my friends. I'd say I'm ready. So now it's time to go to bed so it'll be tomorrow that much sooner!

Want a visual? There are more than enough vids on YouTube, just type in 'HalloWhedon' and you will find the most fun stuff about the best weekend of the year :).

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