woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Torn in two

Everything you hold dear,
swept away in a second,
lost for all eternity

It strikes you
like thunder in a clear sky
like a slap in the face

No warning
no signs
no clue

That one word...
Who knew it could split you apart,
torn in two?

Your whole world turned upside down,
without logic
without sense

Sometimes you may forget
Just for a little while
and you're okay

It comes and goes
pain and devestation one moment
some enjoyment the next

Then it hits you again
the moment of truth
the reality you're living in

It's still there
and always will be
a never ending confrontation

you can't get a grip on it
it can't be processed
you're simply overcome by grief

You're left with one final question...
When this is what you are now,
a shattered person,
torn in two,
what are you supposed to do?

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