zondag 7 april 2013

Update: The Veronica Mars Movie Project

Time for a massive update on the Veronica Mars Movie! Why? Because there's only less than one more week to go :O. Time goes by so fast, it's unreal. But they are still going strong and they have the greatest updates (I know I lacked a little in that area, I'm sorry!). So here's where they are now.

With only five more days to go, they have reached over four million dollars for the project!
They are close to have over 70,000 backers!
They started shipping to other countries, outside of US and Canada!!!!! From Australia, to Ireland, the UK and (most importantly for me) Netherlands :D. You can join in over twenty countries! Note that this is only for the first nine rewards and not for everything. 
There are new chances at sold out reward levels, and they also added new rewards.

And more
Jason Dohring has now officially been announced as part of the cast! 
T-shirt designs for backers have been revealed <3
Sneak peeks at the scripts have been shown
The first draft of the script is finished *WOOTWOOT*
There's also an official facebookpage now for the movie, which everyone is going to love, so go like! You can find it here

Breaking records
As you might know, they broke the records in being the biggest and quickest Kickstarter Project to reach 1 and 2 million. Now they are trying to go for number three! This would be to have the most backers for the project. They want to get past 'Double Fine Adventure's' 87,142 backers and they are well on their way. Just take a look at the screenshots below, to see how fast the numbers are increasing. When they posted this update, they needed 23,000 more backers. For that reason, they added an official $ 1 donor level. Rob (and the entire team) has already started with giving Kickstarter backers exclusive for-your-eyes-only content (which of course I have not shared here :P ). For one buck, you can get in on this!!!!
(Which is practicly nothing!!! So why haven't you backed it yet???) If you are still in doubt for some reason, I can tell you it's totally worth it.

Rob Thomas ended this update with the kind words "You guys are the best. Keep it up. Our love is epic." And I think it's very clear that this love goes both ways.

Sidenote: Because I don't have the money myself to back this EPIC project and time is running out, my parents were their awesome selves and backed it for my birthday :D :D :D. Best.Birthday present. EVER!!!! And I'm already enjoying the benefits. This is one birthday present that will last a lifetime <3.

Now, as I did before, the updates in screenshots. Notice the final two are taken the same they, mainly because you can see how fast the numbers are still climbing.

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