dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Happiness and despair

Intertwining bodies
it's heated
first in his bed 
then on the floor.
Gasping for breath 
unending movements
hands sliding across sweaty limbs
there's no stopping it

It's the best night of his life
and he feels she's taking him like there is no tomorrow
he's knows he's the best she's ever had
rocking her world
showing her the sky
no limits.
She's grabbing him so tight
can this be real?
She's driven
and he's the rock star
cheered on by the crowd.

But she just wants to feel
to find a way to stop the numbness
the neverending feeling of being lost...
She clings to him
gives him everything she has
scratching his back
biting his neck.
A tear rolls down her cheek,
but he doesn't even notice
he's enjoying it far too much.
Exhausted, she still goes on
making him scream
making him insane.

She wants to loose control
loose herself
he's holding on for dear life
trying to keep up.
But she's giving everything she has
deep down
she doesn't want there to be a tomorrow
she wants to be done
While he is having the night of his life
she is giving into the darkness of her soul.
Because this is, 
what it is....
for her...
and utter...

(where I found my inspiration for this one :p)

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