donderdag 10 mei 2012

Film Festival

Wow, it's been a long while since my last blog. But luckily I have done a lot, so I have a lot to tell ;-). Starting with the volunteering work I did at Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. It's a festival that focuses cult, science fiction, fantasy and horror movies and takes place in the movie theatre Kriterion in Amsterdam. Only a year ago I learned the existence of this festival and this year I was writing for the daily paper. I also got an extra job to handle the twitter report during Masterclasses, a caberet and readings. It was amazing. I got to watch a lot of movies and I met amazing people. That's the beauty of working with so many volunteers! They were so amazing just to hang out with during screenings. An awesome lot. Very helpful and just fun to be around. It truly made it a succes.
It was also very hectic, because articles could come up and I had to finish it that evening. Deadlines you know :P. But it all worked out and I really enjoyed it. One thing I love about these festivals is that you get to see movies that hardly ever come to the movie theatres at all. So you see movies from America, and UK which isn't that new. But also from Japan, Korea, Norway, Indonesia, Spain and ... well you name it. They have amazing movies and it's a shame that not that many people will get to see them. Talking about these movies of course I would like to share some titles with you.

List of a couple of movies I watched and loved:

- Babycall (with the great Noomi Rapace)

- Scabberd Samurai (funny and sweet)

- Corman's World (hilarious!)

- The Raven (who doesn't like Edgar Allen Poe?)

- A Letter to Momo (<3)

- Intruders (with a Dutch 'Hieperdepiep Hoera!' from Carice van Houten)

- Madame X (so funny and amazing, yet has a deeper layer)

As a reporter of course I got to do interviews. With the makers of these amazing movies:
- Harolds Going Stiff - Keith Wright
- Madame X - Amink
- With Great Power: The Stan Lee Movie - Will Hess
All amazing people and I'm very happy I got to meet them, pick their brains and just loved talking to them. They were very nice and happy to be there, which really shows how great they are.

Buffy is everywhere (for me)

Being a Buffygeek, I know a lot about Buffy and it's creators. It also means I notice certain things and relate it to the show. For example, in Corman's World actor Eric Balfour suddenly showed up. He played Jessy in just two episodes, but it was a memerable role. So I loved seeing that. Then there was the 'Night of Terror' in which they showed four horror movies starting from midnight into the wee bit hours of the morning. During this night Joss Whedon's and Drew Goddard movie The Cabin in the Woods was shown. I unfortunatly didn't get to see it (little bit late for me), but I will go see it this weekend hopefully ;-). And to top that all off, my chief editor gave me a thank you present for all the work. And it was nothing less than the DVD Serenity (UK Version 2006) with........... (pause for dramatic effect) autograph from JOSS WHEDON!!!!! That's right, I now am the very proud owner of Mr. Genius himself :-D. So it really could not have been a greater experience for me. I say: Let's do that again next year!

The official site of the festival is: (you can also visit it in English).

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